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Heathrow Hotels with Parking Included

'Hotel, Park and Fly' package deals are a great way to stay and park at Heathrow Airport

Park and Fly

You can visit Heathrowparking.com to compare and easily book hotels with parking included at Heathrow Airport.

All hotels featured on Heathrowhotels.com offer Park and Fly deals, also referred to as Stay and Park packages. These packages are popular with travellers looking for efficiency and savings.

Save money and start (or end) your trip in style with a hotel and parking deal. If you have an early flight and you prefer to be at the airport on the morning of your departure, as opposed to driving to the airport, and you also need to park your car whilst you are away then these deals are perfect for you.

How does Park and Fly work?

It's simple. Select the hotel that suits your requirements and offers either a shuttle bus or direct link to the terminal from which you are flying. Then, when you book the hotel just select the date that you will be arriving back to collect your car.

Your car will be parked either on-site at the hotel or in a nearby secure car park.

Some of the benefits of booking a Hotel Park and Fly package

- You're already at the airport on the day of your flight
- No stressful motorway traffic jams before departure time
- Late return? Stay on your return and park before
- Save money. These package deals are very economical
- Add some fun to the start of your holiday!

Is it easier than parking at a Heathrow long term car park?

Park and Fly deals have their benefits in that they are a more economical way of parking your car and staying overnight at a hotel before you fly or on your return. Some packages allow you to park your car in the hotel car park, others offer a meet on return service whereby your car is returned to you by the hotel's car park management company.

Just looking for parking at Heathrow Airport? Please visit Heathrow Parking (heathrowparking.com).