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Can I get a taxi to and from my hotel and Heathrow airport?

Yes. But bear in mind that local taxis are considerably cheaper than the dedicated airport taxi services. It is advisable to pre-book a taxi either by phone in the airport terminal or at the hotel reception. (Hotel staff will be happy to do this for you.)

Do all the hotels at Heathrow offer a shuttle to and from the airport?

All hotels featured on this site offer a two-way return shuttle service that operates between all terminals. (See hotel shuttle timetable.) If you have booked a room at a hotel that is connected to a terminal building via a walkway then a shuttle is not required to get to that terminal. However, a shuttle journey will be required to reach other terminals.

Do I need to pay the hotel using the same card used at the time of making the booking?

No. Bookings that require payment on arrival at the hotel can be paid for using a different card, or another means altogether. Advance purchase rates are due at the time of booking so the payment card used to make the booking will be charged.

Do I have to pay for the shuttle service between my hotel and Heathrow Airport?

Yes, there is a small charge to use the hotel shuttle services. The cost depends on the hotel and terminal. View the hotel shuttle bus timetable.

How can I cancel my reservation?

The easiest way to cancel your booking is to login to your account or click Manage Booking and cancel the booking yourself. Alternatively you can email us, or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

I am arriving late. Will my room be held for me?

Yes, if you have made a booking that requires payment on arrival at the hotel your room will be held for late arrival using your credit card as guarantee. If you have booked an advance purchase rate then of course your room will be kept for you and will not be re-sold.

Is breakfast included in the room price?

If breakfast is included in the rate it will be clearly stated. Some rates include breakfast and others do not. Remember that the airport offers plenty of restaurants and cafes that serve breakfast.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, your personal information is secure and will only be used for the purposes of processing your reservation. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Is there a cancellation fee?

It depends on the type of booking you have made. Cancellation details and charges are always made clear before you book. Discounted advance purchase bookings cannot be cancelled and a cancellation fee may apply to some flexible bookings. If available, be sure to purchase Cancellation Flexibility, as this will allow you to cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior to your arrival date. Cancellation flexibility is often available for just 99!

Is there an amendment fee?

If your booking is not an advance purchase rate then it can be amended. There is no admin fee to process this amendment but any changes to the dates and times of your booking may incur an extra charge. Please note that discounted advance purchase bookings cannot be amended or cancelled.

We need Interconnecting rooms. How can we book these?

When you search for a hotel room on HeathrowHotels.com simply select the number of adults and children travelling in your party. If interconnecting rooms are available at any of the hotels they will show up in the search results. Alternatively, you can book two separate rooms and phone or email your request through to us. Please note that we cannot guarantee that this request will be granted, as it is dependent on availability at the hotel.

What distance are the hotels from Heathrow airport?

The hotels featured on this site are all within 8 miles of Heathrow airport and are all classified as airport hotels.

What if I fail to cancel my reservation in time?

In the case of a hotel booking where you have guaranteed your stay using your credit or debit card, if you fail to cancel your booking within the time specified in the booking terms and conditions, you will be charged the total amount of the package price as a No Show or Non Arrival.

What if I need to get to Heathrow Airport from my hotel and there is no shuttle running?

All the hotels featured on our site are within an 8 mile radius of Heathrow Airport, so if necessary it is easy to get a taxi for the short journey.

Where do the reviews on this website come from?

All reviews shown on Heathrowparking.com come from real, genuine customers that have booked parking through us. All customers are invited to review their experience on their return. We value **all** feedback, good and bad.

Where do I pick up the shuttle from the airport?

Shuttle pick up points are clearly marked throughout the terminal buildings at Heathrow Airport so simply follow the signs. Take a look at the hotel shuttle bus timetable to see which number shuttle you need to catch to get to your hotel.

The website won’t let me log into my account using my booking reference - what do I do?

We recommend double checking that the booking was definitely made with HeathrowHotels.com and not a different booking agent or directly with the airport. If you definitely made your booking with us, please contact us directly via telephone or email and we can assist you with your query.

Can I park my long wheelbase vehicle at Heathrow Airport?

Many car parks and Meet and Greet providers are unable to accommodate long wheelbase vehicles so please contact us directly via telephone or email regarding this issue. Please note that if a long wheelbase vehicle is accepted, a surcharge will apply.

Is there a leeway period at any of the Heathrow Airport car parks?

If you have booked your parking with one of the off-site Meet and Greet providers, it is important to keep the parking provider informed of any changes to your arrival and return times, as they have to schedule their drivers. A daily overstay charge will apply if your booking goes into the following day. In terms of official airport car parks, a 2 hour leeway period applies. A daily overstay charge will apply if you go over this 2 hour period.

Are there any height restrictions at the Heathrow Airport car parks?

The majority of car parks at Heathrow Airport have height restrictions, so we recommend contacting us directly if your vehicle is over 2 meters high. The car parks with height restrictions are listed on our website - simply carry out a search for the dates that you wish to travel, click on the available options and then the height restriction will be listed alongside the parking procedure.

Can I/ how do I amend my vehicle details?

There are various ways in which you can amend your vehicle details prior to your trip. Simply click on 'manage my booking' at the top of the page and enter the new details manually. Alternatively, you can send us an email or give us a call. Please note, these amendments will only be actioned during office hours, which do not include weekends. If you are unable to action this amendment yourself and our offices are closed, please be aware that you are able to arrive at your car parking booking and notify a staff member there of the change.